Taking Action

CCNTR develops projects that address community needs, bringing people and agencies together to implement needed improvements to the health of the community as a whole. (Health Improvement Diagram) There are several types of activities underway in the network. They include:

The network brings its special blend of funding, agencies and people together to develop action plans that will yield positive results.

Opening Access To Care
The Caring Community Network of the Twin Rivers has provided strong leadership to bring needed healthcare and social services to the region, and ensure that individuals have access to that care. Access can mean starting new services, reaching out to people who need an existing service, making services affordable, coordinating services, educating the community about services, all things that make a better system of care. Member agencies work together to develop access that will also strengthen the system of care, by reducing duplication and fragmentation of existing services. Our current work in this area includes:

Coordinating Across The System Of Care
CCNTR is recognized on a national level for its work in cross-agency team development and collaboration. Coordinating how agencies work together to deliver services for individuals is a primary focus of the network. Not only do network agencies work together to govern CCNTR, they jointly apply for funding and share staff positions to deliver services. CCNTR also strengthens the community by providing staff development, training and new technology to agencies in the network. Our current work in this area includes:

Building Healthy Communities Through Involvement
CCNTR believes that everyone in the community has a stake in, and shapes the community's health. The network looks for ways to involve the broadest community membership to engage in problem solving. Resident input is critical in finding and taking action on community needs. Our current work in this area includes:


Engaging Communities In Prevention
CCNTR practices 'an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure'. From its start, the network has focused on ways to bring people together to improve understanding, educate and offer alternatives that help the community to grow in a healthy way. These efforts directly address many social problems that area residents and service providers agree are negative impacts on our young people, and families. How the community comes together to help one another and tackle tough problems, shows how business, civic groups, citizens, agencies and educators can work together. Our work in this area includes: