Identifying Needs

CCNTR convenes the community, its citizens, agencies and service providers, as well as municipal officials, to determine where the community is strong and where it has need. This assessment is conducted every three years and becomes the basis for implementing projects that address needs, close gaps, and improve the overall health of the community. Member agencies use this data to complete the Community Benefit Report and Plan required by the State of NH Attorney General‘s Office. Gathering the same kind of information over time, allows the network to track changes in the community that strengthen service delivery and address social problems.

The 2002 Community Assessment is representative of this part of CCNTR‘s work in the community.

CCNTR conducts assessment activities in the Twin Rivers to identify needs and strengths in the community by researching health data, talking to residents and talking to the helping professionals who serve the region. The findings are shared with municipalities and organizations, to help them provide programs to meet the needs of residents. Priorities are established based on three criteria:

  1. Importance to residents;
  2. Pressing and costly needs in the community or
  3. There are opportunities to change.
Public and Community Health Improvement Diagram (pdf)
Public and Community Health Assessment Diagram (pdf)
2002 Community Needs Assessment Document (pdf)